Sense Checker

Sense check the structure of your technology organisation

Map your technology organisation as a diagnostic exercise. See an illustrated view of dimensions of interest, including your operations, the coordination thereof, your management practices as well as your capabilities for innovation. Identify areas of interest across these dimensions that you may want to take the opportunity to change.

Viable Systems Workshops
Report with Recommendations

Dynamics Visualiser

Visualise patterns of interest in your technology organisation

Create a visualisation of your technology organisations socio technical dynamics and analyse patterns that may need attention.

Systems Dynamics Workshops
Report with Recommendations

Options Finder

Capture and analyse options to realise technology goals

Have your teams to explore a multitude of options for realising technology change goals. Depending on need, the workshops can be engaged at a strategic, tactical or operational level. The outputs are a catalogue of actionable technology change options with their backing judgements and posture declared in an explicit way in order to inform your decision making.

SODA Workshops
SSM Workshops
CSH Workshops
Report with Recommendations

Projects Initiator

Get your technology projects started

Often engaged off the back of value delivered via the Systems Thinking service offerings above that define projects. Use our highly experienced project management expertise to initiate, scope, sequence a technology change project. We can work with your product owner / project manager / scrum master to develop a backlog, advise on a predictive / adaptive or hybrid approach, and create a roadmap connected into your governance controls. We can then handover day to day delivery management to your PM / scrum master / PO and optionally be available for project monitoring and advice.

Collaborate on Statement of Work

Consider HVIT : Lean / Agile / DevOps / Resilient / Continuous

Select a project approach :
Adaptive / Predictive / Hybrid

Creation of a WBS / iterative WBS
Sequencing, estimation, budget
Roadmap development with governance bootstrap
Handover to PM / ScrumMaster / Product Owner
Project Monitoring (optional)

Managed Delivery

Get your technology projects delivered

We invite your engagement at a higher level of commitment once trust has been established. Let us augment our Projects Initiator service offering by actually managing the delivery on your technology projects using a combination of our own as well as your resources (including your augmented supplier resources) to meet stated project deliverables.

Composition of delivery team with the requisite skills
Technology Projects Initiator
DA PO / ScrumMaster / PM
DA Service Manager
DA Consulting Director


Retain consulting advice on technology change strategy and project management

Retain our advice on technology change strategy and project management expertise using a pay for access retainer.

5 hours per week
10 hours per week
20 hours per week